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How Many Puppies Can a Corgi Have?

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Over the years, corgis have become one of the must-have dog breeds, and the demand for their puppies is constantly on the rise.

In line with this demand, more people are getting female corgis to breed corgi puppies and it is not uncommon for these new breeders to want to know how many puppies to expect from their corgis.

How many puppies can a corgi have? On average, a corgi will produce 6 puppies in a single litter. However, some can go as high as 8 puppies per litter. The litter size of corgis is not set in stone; ultimately, the number of puppies they produce depends on several factors.

Now you have a number – you know how many puppies to expect from your pregnant corgi. However, there is more.

In this article, we discuss the minimum breeding age of corgis, how many times you can breed them, how much breeding one costs, and much more.

Contributing Factors

 newborn puppies sucking milk

Corgis typically have more than 5 puppies per litter. But the actual figure for each individual dog depends on various factors.

Some of the factors that determine the number of puppies in a corgi litter include: 

  • The age of the dog
  • Nutrition
  • The size of the dog
  • The overall health of the stud and dam
  • Genetics
  • The breeding method (artificial breeding will often produce smaller litters)

On Average?

On average, female corgis have 6-8 puppies in a single litter. But this can be higher.


Going by the information in this source, it appears corgis can have as many as 15 puppies in a single litter.


In our search, we found no lower limit for the number of puppies a corgi can have. But since the average is 6-8 puppies per litter, anything below may be considered low.

At What Age Can You Breed a Corgi?

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Many dog experts tend to agree that the best time to breed a female dog is when she is fully developed. For female dogs, puberty or sexual maturity usually occurs at around 9-10 months. But your dog having her first heat cycle does not necessarily mean she is prepared to have her first litter. 

It is advisable to wait until she has experienced her second or third heat cycle before breeding her. For more clarity, consult your veterinarian before taking this step. 

Here are a few reasons why you should wait for your corgi to experience her third heat cycle before breeding:

  • A dog that is yet to fully mature may experience some health problems when it fully matures. A dog needs to fully mature so it can get tested to uncover any medical conditions. This is essential if you are considering breeding your corgi. 
  • If the female corgi is too young, she might be unable to care for her newborns. It means you take most of the responsibility, and you may encounter some behavior problems with her puppies. 

A female corgi experiences two heat cycles each year. These heat cycles are usually 6 months apart. 

Each heat cycle lasts for 2-3 weeks, and during this period, they can become pregnant. To ensure breeding takes place at the right time, vets usually do a progesterone and blood test or vaginal smears.

For male corgis, puberty tends to occur around 6-8 months of age. Compared to females, they become sexually mature earlier. But this does not mean they can mate even though they respond to the females. This is because the sperm quality is not optimal until the stud is fully developed.

How Long Is a Corgi Pregnant?

A corgi is just like every other dog and will stay pregnant for 60-63 days. The nursing period tends to vary between 3 and 4 weeks.

A corgi’s pregnancy is divided into 3 trimesters, with each trimester lasting for up to 21 days. During this period, your corgi will undergo specific changes such as prominent breasts and nipples. 

At the start of the third trimester, you can take your corgi to the vet for an ultrasound to see how many puppies she is carrying. But overall, it is best to regularly visit the vet throughout the period of the pregnancy.

How Many Times Can You Breed a Corgi?

Some breeders will breed their female dogs every time she experiences her heat cycle, while others choose to wait between cycles.

Many breeders are inexperienced and tend to mate their corgis too often despite the health risks involved.

The breeding itself is not the main issue. The pregnancy and the nursing period are the main reasons why some breeders wait between pregnancies. Each one of these periods takes a lot of energy. So, letting your female corgi go through them repeatedly, without rest, will harm her health.

After each nursing period, a female corgi needs enough time to recover her decreased muscle tone and regrow her uterus. Some even lose their fur during this period.

Although there are several debates among breeders on how long to wait between pregnancies, you should ensure your corgi fully recovers before breeding again. If in doubt, consult with a vet before breeding your corgi again.

Some ethical and reputable breeders suggest leaving a gap of 18 months 2 years between breeding.  

The number of litters a female Corgi will carry depends on her health, the litter size, her recovery rate after every pregnancy & whelping. The number of times she will mate also depends on the time it takes her to recover and her heat cycles. 

According to dog experts, the optimal number of litters a female dog can produce is 3 or 4. Although a female dog can easily nurse more than 4 litters, doing so may compromise its health.

Frequently breeding large litters can affect a dog even to the point of shortening her lifespan. 

How Much Does It Cost to Breed a Corgi?

Welsh Pembroke Corgi dog with curly tail

Corgi breeders spend a lot of money when breeding their dogs. And it all starts with getting the parents. On average, one may spend between $1,609 and $8,245 per corgi litter.

The following items contribute to the overall costs of breeding a corgi:

  • The cost of raising a healthy and breedable female Corgi – $2,000 to $3,000 every year
  • The average fee for a stud – $2,000
  • Ultrasound costs $90 for each ultrasound
  • Whelping supplies – $500 to $1,000
  • The average cost of caring for a healthy litter before selling them – $250 to $550

From the above numbers, the cost of breeding a single corgi litter will cost any breeder around $4,840 to $6,640. You might also encounter some unexpected expenses while breeding the female corgi such as the cost of managing complications during pregnancy or delivery.  

If the female corgi requires a C-Section to give birth, a breeder should expect to spend an extra $1,500 – $2,000.


Corgis have been reported to have up to 15 puppies in one litter. But it is more common to find those with 6 to 8 puppies per litter.

While it is all cute and fun to have corgi puppies around, breeding can have complications. To avoid such, let a veterinarian assess the parent dogs before breeding.