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9 Beautiful Magpie Cat Breeds

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There are cats with unicolor fur, and there are those with multicolor fur. Then amongst those with multicolored coats, there are magpie cats.

So, what type of cats are called magpie cats?

Which breeds qualify as magpie cats?

Well, we provide answers and details to these questions in this informative article.

cute magpie cat looking

What Is a Magpie Cat?

As we already said, some cats have multicolor fur.

Amongst that group, there are those with bicolor fur.

More specifically, there are those with white coats combined with a coat of any other color. Of such bicolor cats are cats with black and white fur.

Cats with black and white coats come in different color patterns. In other words, the distribution of white fur and black fur differs by breed and even individual.

Magpie is one of the color patterns seen amongst black and white cats.

A magpie cat is a white cat with random black spots.

In other words, a magpie cat has predominantly white fur with black fur distributed randomly.

There is another color pattern seen amongst black and white cats – harlequin.

The harlequin pattern is similar to the magpie pattern; both are white cats with random black spots. However, harlequin cats have black tails.

two adorable magpie fluffy kittens

9 Magpie Cat Breeds

Magpie is a bicolor pattern, and you may find it in various cat breeds. Some of such breeds include the following:


Munchkin cats have shorter-than-usual legs, hence, their name. The relative length of their legs compared to other breeds is a result of a natural genetic mutation.

young cute Munchkin cat

Munchkin cats are available in magpie amongst various other patterns and color combinations.

They typically weigh about 6-9 pounds and are around 18 inches long. While they might seem small, they have big energy.

These tiny cats have cheeky personas; they are warm, friendly, and playful.

With their legs being about 3 inches less than that of the average cat, munchkins sometimes find it tough to reach some spots while grooming themselves. In such cases, you may have to help them with that.

This cat breed can come with either a shorthaired or longhaired coat.

Those with long hair have a semi-long silky coat, while those with short coats have medium-length plush coats.

Turkish Angora

white fluffy Turkish angora cat

At one point, it was thought that Turkish Angoras only came with white fur.

But now, it is known that they come in various color combinations and patterns, including magpie.

Turkish Angoras weigh from 6 to 9 pounds, with a length of 12 to 18 inches. They are affectionate, friendly, active, and they enjoy getting attention.

Turkish Angoras will do better when kept in a house where they get some company. Left alone and bored, they may become mischievous.

This breed comes with long silky coats, and in contrast to most other cats, they love water and even swimming.


playful little ragdoll cat

Ragdoll cats are known to be personable, kid-friendly, sweet, and docile. They are intelligent and easy to train.

Ragdolls originated from California, USA, in the 1960s. They come in various color patterns, including bicolor, colorpoint, and mitted.

On average, ragdolls weigh 10-20 pounds while measuring 17-21 inches in length. They typically live for 12 to 17 years and are prone to a few health problems.

Ragdolls are at risk of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. This is a disease of the heart, which is inheritable amongst members of the breed.

DNA tests are available to detect if a cat carries one of the mutations that lead to the disease.

Besides the said heart disease, ragdolls are also prone to feline infectious and calcium oxalate bladder stones.

Ragdolls have moderately long fur. Their fur is unlikely to shed or mat, but you should still groom them about twice a week.


Cute Persian cat on the bed

One thing that stands out in Persian cats is their vivid, large eyes. While the pure white variant is the most known, Persian cats come in various patterns, including bicolor.

Persian cats have smushed faces and long, lustrous, thick coats, which must be groomed daily.

They are cuddly, relatively inactive, and relaxed. One drawback about this breed is that they are not easy to train.

On average, Persian cats weigh 7-12 pounds and span a length of 14-18 inches.

Scottish Fold

Cute Scottish fold cat

Scottish Fold cats have small ears that are folded over. Hence, the name. While they have this look that could be described as mischievous, Scottish Folds are actually relaxed and friendly.

They are harmonious and will usually have no problem with other pets.

This breed comes in various color patterns and combinations, including black and white. They weigh around 5 to 11 pounds and grow as long as 10-30 inches.

Scottish Folds are prone to a degenerative joint disease, which affects bone and cartilage development.

Apart from this, they should be groomed regularly to reduce the risk of issues with furballs.

Siberian Cat

Siberian cute cat

The Siberian cat originated from Russia. In fact, it is the national cat of that country. Cats of this breed have dense, longer-haired triple coats.

The density of their fur was a mechanism for surviving the cold climate in Russia.

The average Siberian cat is 8 to 10 inches tall and weighs 8 to 15 pounds. Their coats are not prone to matting, but every 2 years, they do shed profusely.

While the brown tabby is the Siberian cat’s most common color pattern, they come in many other color combinations and patterns.

Siberian cats are playful, affectionate, energetic, and quite intelligent.


Napoleon cats are also known as minuet cats. They were created by Joe Smith from a cross between munchkins and Persians in 1996.

The name Napoleon stems from the fact that minuet cats are short, just like Napoleon Bonaparte.

Minuet cats are a curious breed. They are social, warm, gentle, and love companionship. They are also highly energetic and love to play around.

This breed comes in all colors and patterns, so you can get a magpie minuet.

On average, members of this breed weigh 5 to 9 lbs. They can be as tall as 7 to 8 inches, and they live for 9 to 15 years.

Napoleon cats can be shorthaired or longhaired, and their grooming depends on this.

Shorthaired minuets would do well if groomed once a week. But the longhaired variants need frequent brushing- two times a week, for instance.


Manx cats have no tails; they are the only breed to be naturally tailless. Cats of this breed are playful, friendly, energetic, and quite trainable.

In fact, they are sometimes described as being dog-like.

cute little manx cat

While they are mostly tailless, Manx cats sometimes come with a short stump. They typically weigh between 8 and 12 pounds with lengths of about 14 to 16 inches.

One thing you should be aware of before getting a Manx is that they can shed a lot. Whether shorthaired or longhaired, Manx cats have a significant shedding rate.

Besides shedding, Manx cats are at a high risk of spinal problems due to their short, rounded backs.

Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese bobtail is native to Japan, where it is thought to be a cat that brings luck to its owners.

While this breed is most commonly seen in a combination of red, black, and white, it does come in calico, bicolor, and tabby patterns.

The Japanese bobtail is quite vocal. But beyond that, it has an uncommon appearance: long hind legs and a pom-pom tail.

This breed has a low tendency to shed. On average, they weigh 8 to 12 pounds and live 9 to 13 years.

Japanese bobtails are smart, warm, playful, friendly, and they love attention. They are available in short, medium, and long coat variants.