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Snowshoe Balinese Cat Breed Profile

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Are you looking for a calm and majestic cat breed to add to your family? The Balinese snowshoe cat is a very special and unique breed of cat that can fill the vacancy you’ve got. This breed is fun to be with and also has an interesting history.

What’s so special about the Snowshoe Balinese cat breed? Well, you’re about to find out.

Hand holding Snowshoe Balinese Cat on white background


Snowshoe cats originate from the United States. In the 1960s, a Pennsylvanian cat breeder named Dorothy Hinds-Daugherty had a cat that produced a litter of kittens with white feet and points.

Intrigued by the beauty of her new kittens, Dorothy Hinds-Daugherty started breeding bicolor American Shorthairs with a seal-point Siamese to get more snowshoes.

Coat, Color, and Description

This breed is among the easiest breed to recognize. They are either white, tan, or beige. They have bright blue eyes and their face looks masked. The Balinese Snowshoe cat is among the cutest cat breeds, so if you want a cat with looks in your home, this is the breed for you.

The most recognizable feature of the snowshoe cat is its white socks. Their socks (the lower part of their legs) are white as snow. Another distinguishing characteristic is the length of their coat. They have long fur and a plumose tail.

Medium snowshoes cats can have a weight between 9-12 pounds.


The best way to know an intelligent breed of cat is through their personality. This breed of cat does not have one single personality type. This means that you won’t know how your new cat will behave as Snowshoe Balinese cats tend to have different individual personality traits.

Some Snowshoe Balinese cats are social, others are shy. Some play with other pets, but some will just stay alone in their corner. One thing is for certain, however: This is a majestic breed that will love and bond with you.

Some Cool Facts

Cute balinese cat laying and looking at the camera

1. They Have Secret Colors

Snowshoe kittens are born white. Their real color comes as they grow.

This breed of cat comes as a secret package for you as you do not know the color they will be as an adult cat.

2. Very Popular, But Cool and Unique Breed

Even though the breed is popular, it is very special and unique. You should keep your cat indoors unless you want to take it on a stroll but remember to use a collar.

3. Lover of Children

So long as the kids treat your cat like royalty, the Balinese snowshoe cat will love them.

Don’t worry, this breed of cat is not known to harm children in any way as it is a majestic breed.

4. They Have Their Favorite

This breed of cat may be clingy to one person. It does not mean that your cat won’t love others. It simply means that your cat loves you (or whoever it chooses) the most.

5. They Love Expressing Themselves (A Lot)

Snowshoe cats are not very quiet. They will let you know whenever they are sad, happy, hungry, angry, etc. They meow a lot, so get ready.

Famous Snowshoe Cats

1. Grumpy Cat (Internet Celebrity)

This very popular cat has her own Wiki page. If you have ever seen a cat with a grumpy face in a meme, you must’ve seen Tardar Sauce nicknamed the Grumpy Cat. She happens to be a snowshoe cat.

2. Dusty the Klepto Kitty (Cat Burglar)

This cat is a very famous cat that was known to steal over 600 items from neighbors. In February 2021, Dusty the Klepto Kitty was featured on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Price of Snowshoe Cats

The cost of a snowshoe cat depends on the breeder and region. The average Snowshoe can cost between $500 and $800 per kitten.

Kittens can cost between $800 and $1200 per from reputable breeders.

Taking Care of Snowshoe Balinese Cats

Balinese cat laying on human hands

When you bring home your snowshoe cat, here are tips to take care of it:

  • Brush Their Coat Regularly: The coat of snowshoe cats does not need high maintenance, but that does not mean that you should not brush it. You should brush the coat of your cat at least once per week.
  • Brush Their Teeth: Brush the teeth of your cats as often as you can (at least twice weekly). You don’t want your cat to get sick from the buildup of bacteria in their mouth and gum.
  • Feed Your Cats Quality Food: You should give a quality meal that provides sufficient nutrients to your cats (according to their age). Make sure that you check the feed label to make sure that it is suitable for your cat. Also, don’t forget about clean water for your cat.
  • Examine Their Ears: Check for wax, signs of infection, etc. The ear of a cat is a good organ to spot some symptoms of diseases or stress.
  • Scoop Waste Daily: Make sure that their litter box is always clean. Each cat should have its own litter box. Don’t worry. So long as you can potty train your cats, you won’t have to worry about your cats pooping all over the house.
  • Toys for Exercise: You should give toys to your snowshoe cats as they will mostly be indoors. They should have toys so that they do not go bored. They also get exercise while playing with toys.
  • Book Vet Appointments: You should take your cats to the vet for regular check ups. If you notice symptoms of disease, stress, or any form of emergency in your cat, you should take the cat to the vet immediately.

Related Questions and Answers

Snowshoe Balinese Cat playing a red ball on white background

1. Are Snowshoe Cats Expensive?

When you compare the price of snowshoe cats with other breeds, you’ll agree that snowshoes are in fact, not expensive. With a price ranging from $300 to $1200 per kitten according to the breeder, snowshoe is not so expensive.

If the price of snowshoes is high in your area, it could be because snowshoes are relatively rare when compared to other cat breeds.

2. Why Are Snowshoe Cats Rare?

Snowshoe cats are rare because the gene responsible for their white feet is a recessive gene.

Recessive genes are genes that have the least chance of expression when compared to dominant genes when easily express in the appearance of an individual.

3. What Are the Differences between Siamese Snowshoes and Balinese Snowshoe Cats?

The major difference between Siamese Snowshoes and Balinese Snowshoe cats is the length of their coat. The Balinese Snowshoe has longer (and silky) hair with plumed tails.

The coat of the Siamese is not so long nor is their tail as plumed as their Balinese Snowshoe cousins. Asides from their coat and fur, the Balinese Snowshoe cat has a rounder face and body.

4. Can Snowshoe Cats Eat Dog Food?

Dog food is specifically formulated for dogs (according to their age). Cats need cat food. Giving dog food to your cats occasionally may not hurt them, but can cause malnourishment or even obesity if it is given too often.

Give your cats cat food.

5. Can Your Balinese Snowshoe Cat Go Outdoors?

Your cats can go outdoors under your supervision. Do not let the cat go out on its own as it can get lost, stolen, or preyed on.

Keep your cats indoors for their safety.

Final Thoughts

Balinese Snowshoe Cats are majestic.

This breed of cat has a lot of personality traits and is very unique and special.

It is an intelligent and cute breed that can be an excellent addition to your family.